Doing It All Again

Back in 2017, I was at my friends hangar and asked him about a tail kit for a -7 that had been sitting back there for the last 9+ years. Ted said it belonged to a friend of his and that he hadn’t worked on it since it was dropped into the hangar. So we got to talking about it and eventually Ted hooked me up with is friend. Fast forward to today and on March 22, 2019, kit #71484 officially became mine when I sent the Bill of Sale and the License Waiver to Van’s.

The upside to acquiring this kit was that everything except the elevators was completed. So I have a head-start on a lot of the empennage. The downside is…I still have multiple leading edges to roll. 🙁

Before I can start banging on rivets and turning little parts into big parts, I need to re-assemble the shop and get things going.