The Shop v2.0

So when I was building kit #72102, I had a pretty kickass shop. I have a 3-car garage and the shop was in the single car bay. It had multiple power outlets, compressor, band saw, drill press, giant 4’x12′ table, air conditioning, a TV for keeping me from getting bored, etc. I had to cut the table down to 2’x12′ when the wings were completed and the fuselage arrived. I kept that shop as a “shop” until November 2016 when I started construction on a “tactical teardrop camper“. Once the camper was completed, I never really put “the shop” back into shape because it’s where the camper was parked. Now that I’m back to being an airplane “builder” I had to make some logistical changes to get the shop back into shape.

Initially, I was unsure of how I wanted to approach this. But after I thought about it, I knew I wanted to be back in the shop for building. I needed a wall, air conditioning, power, air stations from the compressor, a TV, etc. This time I am going to find a simple 24″ interior door that someone is throwing out so I can use that for the shop.

The more things change…The more they stay the same

25 March 2019 – I cleaned out the east side of my garage and pulled the camper out of the single car bay. I moved the camper to the east side of the garage and squeezed it close to the wall so I can still have room to park the Pavement Princess. So the camper now resides on the east side of the garage and the shop restoration has begun. I still have a pile of wood scraps to dispose of and I need to build a couple of the EAA1000 construction tables. I am getting my shop back in order and that’s what counts.

27 March 2019 – I picked up a door from FB Marketplace. It’s not hung on a frame but that wasn’t really required. Now I will be able to close up the shop and help the A/C be more efficient.

Once the shop is put back together, I will move on to building up the tooling.